"I would just like to say I have been using Dr. Garys cure for my lab, Danny. It's been four months and your formula has worked wonder's! My dog is five years old and has had problems since he was one year old with his back joints. The vet wanted to do surgery, but he said there was no guarantee it would work. I saw your product on eBay™ and decided to try it first. Danny is running and playing like a puppy. Thank you. I just ordered three more bottles. He is now one happy dog." - Liz

"Hello Dr. Gary,

I just wanted to write and tell you how wonderful your doggy joint pain capsules are! I originally bought these on ebay just over 30 days ago. I did all the reading on the eBay site and thought, "why not I've tried just about everything else and can't stand seeing my poor little Honey girl hurt." Honey is a 10 year old Chow, who has been taking three Cosequin™ DS tablets per day, one 400 mg Same tablet, 1/2 Deramaxx™ tablet, one Tramadol™ tablet, and going in for a monthly Adequan shot for three years now. This was really getting quite costly, and she still limped badly sometimes. She refused to go up the stairs (had to be carried). Her walks kept getting shorter and shorter, and her gimpy walking became slower and slower, where she stopped for rests.

After just 30 days of your miracle tablets, I have totally weaned out the Cosequin, Same, and Deramaxx tablets. I will start weaning her off the Tramadol and finish the Adequan shots that I have prepaid for. I believe I more than likely will not have to purchase them again! I am so thrilled! So, just after 30 days, she is more active, goes up the stairs herself, insists on longer walks without resting. For the past week, she has even chased a few rabbits! Now when chasing the rabbits, she ends up with a limp, but by the next morning, she is fine and ready to go at it again. Also, she was beginning to have shaking in her back legs, and that has even improved to a barely noticeable state!

Honey and I just can't thank you enough for developing such a fine product. I'm considering some for myself, as I'm not getting any younger! I just went onto your site and purchased three more months of this miracle product! Thank you; thank you; thank you! Please feel free to use this in your testimonials - you can even post my email address as I would be more than happy to tell others about your wonderful product! You take care, and keep this product online forever! - Your Grateful New Customer, Joan F.


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