In 1994  Kaiser told me that I would need a new right knee. By this point in time I had  stopped climbing stairs, playing softball, tennis, or golf. I could no longer  enjoy normal everyday activity such as playing with my grand kids, in fact  Kaiser had me on crutches and I was in great pain.

In November 1997 I went to a  feed store in Wildomar, Calif. To get my dog Tipper a 40 lb. bag of dog food. I had asked the nice girl behind the counter if she could please carry my dog food to my vehicle as I could not manage both my crutches and dog food. She asked  what the problem was; I stated that Kaiser told me I needed a new knee due to  the degenerative osteoarthritis. Upon hearing that she immediately went to the shelf and handed me an $89.95 powdered bottle of a horse remedy that she said might help (horses and dogs have the same issues that we have regarding  arthritis). When you are in such pain as I was you will try anything, so I  bought the horse medicine, went home and used it as if I were a horse (it tasted  awful), within two weeks my swelling had gone, my pain was half of what it was, within 6 weeks I had dismissed my crutches and those ugly knee supports.

I was normal again

To shorten my  story. I have researched this horse and dog formula and osteoarthritis in general. I added ingredients that are better suited for humans (I use nothing but the finest and purest available) and that is how Dr. Gary's was born. I am not a doctor I just named the product that. Please read the best selling book "The  Arthritis Cure" by Jason Theodosakis MD and you will find all of  my ingredients as being able to HALT, REVERSE and  EVEN CURE osteoarthritis. One or two bottles of Dr. Gary's and you  will feel the difference. By the way the awful taste is gone, I put the formula  in a convenient gel capsule. Since 1999 I have sold many thousands of Dr. Gary's and Dr. Gary's has helped many hundreds of arthritis sufferers.


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